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Camper Van Carpets – The Process

We get regularly asked about the process in making replacement camper van carpets/motorhome carpets/boat carpets and caravan carpets; so we decided to show you exactly how we do it from start to finish.

Choosing replacement camper van carpets.

First of all, we help you to decide on what carpet you want to use to replace your original camper van carpets/motorhome carpets/boat carpets/caravan carpets. All of our carpet selection is from our sister company downstairs; Simply Carpets. Some people prefer their replacement carpets to be exactly the same as the original, others prefer to go for something that is harder wearing as well as more aesthetically pleasing. This is completely your choice.

(As you can see in the photos below, the camper van carpets that we have recently made for our customer are almost a direct replacement for the original.)

Once you have chosen the replacement carpet, we lay out the original carpets and work out how much carpet you need. We may move the old carpets around a few times. What we aim to achieve here is an economical use of carpet. If we can reduce the amount of carpet used, we can reduce cost.

So now that we’ve worked out how much carpet you need, we then work out the cost of the binding. This cost is dependant on a number of factors. How intricate the shape, how large the pieces and how many there are. All of these factors are taken into account and priced according per linear metre.

Creating a new set completely from scratch.

It is then onto the cutting stage. We use the original templates as a guide to making sure that the replacement carpets fit exactly as the old set did. First, we need to draw around the old set. This stage is very important, if the old set isn’t placed the right way up, or moves during this process, it could make the new set completely useless.

Very carefully we cut along the drawn lines to ensure that the shape of the camper van carpets are exactly the same. This process can take a while. A combination of patience and a steady hand is paramount.

Finally, it’s the whipping stage. Unless otherwise requested, we choose a colour for the binding that best matches the carpet. The camper van carpets are then whipped in the workshop. This stage is where the whole process comes together. You really get to see the finished article

. A reasonably sized shaped piece can take a long time to bind. But it all becomes worth it in the end.

We will let the pictures do the rest of the talking from here. For more information on replacement camper van carpets, or caravan carpets/boat carpets/motorhome carpets, please contact us. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help.

Visual walkthrough of replacement camper van carpets being made.


Special offers from Fringes of Plymouth

For a while Fringes of Plymouth have only offered 10% off with a discount leaflet from our website. We didn’t feel like one offer was enough. We’ve had many discussions about what services we can provide at a discounted rate, what we could give away and what offers would be best for our customers. Below we have three special offers from Fringes of Plymouth that we think will be perfect. Keep an eye out – we may think of more in the future.


So we decided that offer free rug stain protection instead of our usual charge. Our hope being that this would be of benefit to our customers. You want to keep that rug looking great after all!


We also concluded that our rug anti-slip would be another great offer, but this isn’t an anti-slip that we can just give away. This stuff costs us far too much to just give it away. So we concluded on 25% off rug antislip.


Of couse we are still running our 10% off all rugs discount – this has been a very good hit with our customers. It turns those rugs that are slightly out of budget into affordable rugs.

Unfortunately, these offers can not be used in conjunction with each other. To find out more about each offer, click on the corresponding links.

So.. Which will you choose?

Hoarders SOS

Oriental silk rug

A few months ago Fringes of Plymouth were contacted by Channel 4 to do a valuation on a rug that was found whilst filming an episode of Hoarders SOS. We were told to keep this under wraps until the episode was released. We’ve just been itching to tell everyone!

So what is Hoarders SOS?

Oriental silk rug“In this brand new series, experts Curtis Dowling, Joanna Riley and Marianne Cammack help two households drowning in clutter to clear out and make some money” (quote from Channel 4 website)

Fringes of Plymouth appear in Episode 12 upon the discovery of a unique rug that they knew absolutely nothing about. But that’s where our expertise come into play. Curtis Dowling brought the rug into our showroom where Andy Reeves, our resident oriental rug specialist gaveĀ  some insight into what it was that made this rug so unique.

A beautiful hand made oriental silk rug that we just couldn’t resist but to make an offer on. The rug can now be found in our showroom, almost as a reminder “of that time we were on TV”.

Would you like to catch up on the episode? Find the link below.


Fringes of Plymouth Revamp

After the revamp

For years, Fringes of Plymouth has always had the same look. Workshop tucked in at the back, whilst the showroom was laid out as best as possible with the space available. Though not the best looking showroom in the world, it was at least practical. After spending a few hours clearing out some old stock, Tony decided that actually, the showroom could be given a more practical layout that would also look better than ever.

The start…

Showroom before revamAs you can see from the picture on the right, it was all a little cramped. There was enough room to walk around and look at the rugs, but it just wasn’t enough space. You couldn’t roll a big rug out and take in the size of the rug, or the designs, there simply wasn’t the space.

Then there was the walkway into the Oriental section of the showroom. If you look right down the middle of the image on the right, you can see that there was around a metre of space to walk through.

All in all, though it was practical enough for the purpose, it just wasn’t quite good enough. So, what did we do? We set about taking it all apart.

The seemingly endless task…

When we first started, we estimated around a week for everything to be back to a state whereby we could serve customers, show them rugs and be back in full swing. How wrong we were! First of all, we had to move the workshop bench into it’s new home. This meant taking down the rugs and stands in the oriental section and disassembling most of the workshop. With the bench moved, the shelves and the yarns were relocated along with the binding collection rack.

The finish line!

Now here we are, all finished and able to bask in the glory of our achievement. We’d taken Fringes of Plymouth to a whole new level. From a previously dark and cramped showroom to a gloriously light and spacious open plan showroom with a view of the workshop. As you can see from the picture, it looks much much better.

After the revamp


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