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Fringes of Plymouth Vs. COVID-19

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, (albeit, this post is a little late! We’ve been SUPER busy.) Fringes of Plymouth have been allowed to reopen. Boy, are we glad, too! It’s not just our customers that have suffered over the closure, our staff have been itching to get back to work, too.

So now that we’re open again, what are we doing to ensure we stay open? Here are a few answers as to how Fringes of Plymouth are planning to battle COVID-19 in our shop.

  • One way system. The first thing you will notice when you walk into our showroom is the one way system that has been taped out onto the floor. This is to avoid our customers coming into close proximity of each other. We recommend that our customers stick to the one way system – this is for your safety.
  • Hand sanitiser stations. Upon entry to the shop we have placed a table with hand sanitisers for your peace of mind. These stations enable our customers and our staff to keep their hands clean at all times.
  • Signs. The signs that you will see on the floor and walls are there to serve as a reminder. It’s easy to forget yourself and stand too close to someone, these signs ensure that we make it as difficult as possible for you to forget.
  • Gloves. Upon entry to our showroom we have provided a box of gloves. These gloves are specifically for those looking to handle the rugs. You can flick through the stands of rugs until your heart’s content with the knowledge of being safe.
  • Perspex screens. Our perspex screens are there to keep you safe as well as our staff. Please don’t lean around the screens upon payment. We ensure all card terminals are cleaned between customers with antibacterial wipes.
  • Risk assessments. We have carried out the mandatory risk assessment to ensure that our business conforms to all government guidelines for the safety of our customers.

Plymouth Rugs on Sale

Fringes of Plymouth are offering our customers the chance to receive 10% off all rugs in store until 17:00 30th September 2019. All that you have to do in order to benefit from this sale is like our Facebook page and show us the post mentioning the sale.

Our rug sale includes all of the rugs that you can see in store. This includes a further 10% off on our rugs in the Clearance section too. That’s up to 35% off on some of our rugs too.

This 10% off does not apply to rugs that have to be ordered in.

Be quick – this offer ends soon. Can you afford to miss out?

New rugs from Asiatic

Asiatic rugs are always something to be marvelled at. Whilst we do hold quite the selection of Asiatic rugs in stock, there is just no way we have room enough for the entire ensemble. This is why we keep a selection of books from our suppliers in store for our customers to browse. The last time Asiatic released a new book was in 2016, so as you can imagine we have been eager to get a glimpse at the new catalogue. After waiting for what feels like forever, here is what we think of it.

Asiatic rugs catalogue

– Asiatic rugs catalogue quality

At first glance you can see that the catalogue is made from high quality paper. The pages are glossy and thick. Perfect then, for printing pictures of Asiatic rugs and being able to see the rugs in all their glory.

– Are the Asiatic rugs organised?

From previous catalogues released by Asiatic, they have always been quite well organised. This new book of Asiatic rugs seems to have raised the bar. Unlike a lot of suppliers, Asiatic have broken up their rug ranges into seven different sections, each section colour coded. Each colour coded section is then organised in alphabetical order. This book of Asiatic rugs even has a pictographic rug index – how posh!

– Good selection of rugs?

The first thing you notice about this catalogue is the sheer size of it. The book of Asiatic rugs is thicker than most of the other books in our showroom. But then those other books don’t carry quite this many rugs – there are 780 different rugs to choose from, over a selection of 103 ranges. So, yes, there is definitely a good selection of rugs in this book!

Want to see more from us? Read more on our Blog or Follow us on Facebook,where you can find dedicated promotions for our followers, fun competitions to win rugs and so much more!

Camper Van Carpets – The Process

We get regularly asked about the process in making replacement camper van carpets/motorhome carpets/boat carpets and caravan carpets; so we decided to show you exactly how we do it from start to finish.

Choosing replacement camper van carpets.

First of all, we help you to decide on what carpet you want to use to replace your original camper van carpets/motorhome carpets/boat carpets/caravan carpets. All of our carpet selection is from our sister company downstairs; Simply Carpets. Some people prefer their replacement carpets to be exactly the same as the original, others prefer to go for something that is harder wearing as well as more aesthetically pleasing. This is completely your choice.

(As you can see in the photos below, the camper van carpets that we have recently made for our customer are almost a direct replacement for the original.)

Once you have chosen the replacement carpet, we lay out the original carpets and work out how much carpet you need. We may move the old carpets around a few times. What we aim to achieve here is an economical use of carpet. If we can reduce the amount of carpet used, we can reduce cost.

So now that we’ve worked out how much carpet you need, we then work out the cost of the binding. This cost is dependant on a number of factors. How intricate the shape, how large the pieces and how many there are. All of these factors are taken into account and priced according per linear metre.

Creating a new set completely from scratch.

It is then onto the cutting stage. We use the original templates as a guide to making sure that the replacement carpets fit exactly as the old set did. First, we need to draw around the old set. This stage is very important, if the old set isn’t placed the right way up, or moves during this process, it could make the new set completely useless.

Very carefully we cut along the drawn lines to ensure that the shape of the camper van carpets are exactly the same. This process can take a while. A combination of patience and a steady hand is paramount.

Finally, it’s the whipping stage. Unless otherwise requested, we choose a colour for the binding that best matches the carpet. The camper van carpets are then whipped in the workshop. This stage is where the whole process comes together. You really get to see the finished article

. A reasonably sized shaped piece can take a long time to bind. But it all becomes worth it in the end.

We will let the pictures do the rest of the talking from here. For more information on replacement camper van carpets, or caravan carpets/boat carpets/motorhome carpets, please contact us. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help.

Visual walkthrough of replacement camper van carpets being made.


Special offers from Fringes of Plymouth

For a while Fringes of Plymouth have only offered 10% off with a discount leaflet from our website. We didn’t feel like one offer was enough. We’ve had many discussions about what services we can provide at a discounted rate, what we could give away and what offers would be best for our customers. Below we have three special offers from Fringes of Plymouth that we think will be perfect. Keep an eye out – we may think of more in the future.


So we decided that offer free rug stain protection instead of our usual charge. Our hope being that this would be of benefit to our customers. You want to keep that rug looking great after all!


We also concluded that our rug anti-slip would be another great offer, but this isn’t an anti-slip that we can just give away. This stuff costs us far too much to just give it away. So we concluded on 25% off rug antislip.


Of couse we are still running our 10% off all rugs discount – this has been a very good hit with our customers. It turns those rugs that are slightly out of budget into affordable rugs.

Unfortunately, these offers can not be used in conjunction with each other. To find out more about each offer, click on the corresponding links.

So.. Which will you choose?

Spectrum rugs are bright and colourful

Samba design from the Spectrum rugs range

Samba design from the Spectrum rugs rangeIf it’s colourful modern rugs that you’re looking for then you needn’t look any further. The Spectrum rugs have colour in abundance. There’s nothing subtle about the Spectrum rugs. It’s either go bright or go home! Each of the designs has a little something different to offer your home.

Each of the Spectrum rugs has been made using a super soft Polypropylene. Not only does this material ensure a soft underfoot feeling, it also makes the Spectrum rugs extremely hard wearing. You can use a Spectrum rug in any room of your house and marvel at the beauty for years to come.

Available in store, the Spectrum rugs are competitively priced. With prices starting as low as £40, you really can get value for money with these rugs.

Spectrum rugs come in a variety of designs.


The Waltz design has a very basic squared pattern which is accentuated with a symphony of colour. The hand carved squares are only half of the design with the colours making up the other half.


Multicolour uniformed reoccuring shapes sit on a white background. The white coloured background, combined with the hand carved textures really come together to bring out the beauty of the Limbo Spectrum rug.


A neat and uniformed pattern, the Samba uses multicoloured triangle shapes to grab your attention. But it’s the detail of the Samba rug that you should notice, the hand carving of the triangles helps to make them stand out.


Varying between zig zags of white and zig zags of colour, the Bolero Spectrum rug is an eye catching addition to any room.


Sometimes you can’t beat the basics! Simple horizontal stripes adorn the pile of the Tango Spectrum rug. Each stripe a different colour. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with something this simple, yet this stunning.


An optical illusion and a dazzling one at that. This rug will make you feel like your rug is melting into the foor. The multicoloured rhomboids will only make you believe it more!


The Mambo is a geometric rainbow. Perfectly placed colours make this rug a sight to behold. You’ll always have a talking point with this rug in your home.


The design of the Jive Spectrum rug is reminiscent of the scales on a fish, except way more colourful!

Oriental rug in a modern room

Oriental rug in a modern room - Persian Gabbeh

An oriental rug in a modern room can be just as eye catching as any other style of rug – if not more! Have you ever considered placing an oriental rug as a focal point in your living room? It might just be worth thinking about. The vivid colours and unique designs accentuate each other to make the perfect finishing touch to your room.

Oriental rug in a modern room – two perfect examples.

Oriental rug in a modern room - Persian SaroukTake for example, the Persian Sarouk. It has a cream coloured background in the centre that is strewn with a colourful floral pattern. The border uses a mix of red, blue and cream with a simple floral design. This combination of colours and patterns lends itself to the room. If you removed the oriental rug from the room, what would you replace it with? It would probably be something modern. This couple went with their instincts with the Persian Sarouk and it certainly paid off. This is the perfect example of what an oriental rug in a modern room can achieve.


Oriental rug in a modern room - Persian GabbehThe next example for you to see is the Persian Gabbeh. Both the striking orange colouring and the oriental geometric style pattern work well in this room. The colour makes the rug feel like it’s jumping up from the floor.

So there you have it. Two perfect examples of an oriental rug in a modern room. So, what do you think, fancy having a try for yourself? We have a wide selection of oriental rugs for you to choose from. Each of which, you can take home and try in your room before you buy! This service really helps when it comes to choosing an oriental rug in a modern room. You get to have a feel for how the pattern and the colours work in your room without the initial outlay. If you then feel that you like the rug, you can always call and pay over the phone. If not, bring it back. It really is that simple.


Jacaranda rugs made in store

Jacaranda Simla

Have you ever heard of Jacaranda rugs?

No? Well, let me enlighten you a little. We all know about Rolls Royce – they’re the cream of the crop. The gold standard in luxury. Jacaranda rugs are to the rug industry as Rolls Royce are to cars. They’re the forefront in luxurious rugs. You can’t think about designer rugs without thinking of the name “Jacaranda”.Jacaranda rugs available to order

So why are Jacaranda rugs so great?

Because they’re only made from the very best of materials. From the moment they’re produced they’re only produced with quality in mind. You run your hand over a Jacaranda Simla rug, you’re in heaven. You step on a Heavy Velvet rug, your toes are consumed by the density and the softness of the Wool. Not only can you feel the quality of the Jacaranda rugs when you touch them and step on them – you can really feel it when you try and lift them too!

Here at Fringes of Plymouth we stock a wide range of Jacaranda products. When we buy our Jacaranda stock, we buy in bulk. This helps us to achieve a price that is very competitive. We can custom make all Jacaranda products to make a Jacaranda rug that is completely your own.

Some examples of the Jacaranda rugs that we have made to order can be seen at the bottom of this post (click on the image to view the larger size). These have been made to the exact measurements that our customers have requested. Once cut to size, we set about making it into a rug in our workshop. Our workshop and machine is one of very few that can handle the thickness and strength of Jacaranda.

If there are any particular Jacaranda rugs that you’re looking for and we don’t have them available (highly unlikely!) then we have the Jacaranda display stand that can be ordered from.


Custom Made Boat Carpets for Michael Fesler

It’s no secret that we make custom made boat carpets here at Fringes.

Michael Fesler contacted us about a set of replacement carpets for his boat – a beautiful Humber 448 named Azzurra. Michael was looking for a carpet that matched the colour of the vinyl covering on his walls.

We gave Michael several different options to choose from. After choosing the colour, we provided a quote for both the binding and the carpets. To which, Michael was more than happy with. Once we had the templates and the new carpet in the workshop, we set about cutting the carpet to his specifications.

As you can see from the below testimonial, Michael loves his new custom made boat carpets. It’s no surprise – they look fantastic! We look forward to seeing Michael back at Fringes of Plymouth for the remaining rooms.

Michaels testimonial:

“When I decided upon a new carpet for Azzurra, I really had no idea what to do. The help and advice I got from Fringes of Plymouth was brilliant, left to my own devices I would have purchased the wrong type of carpet. Once I had decided to go for a fairly good quality carpet, I was worried about Fringe’s ability to cut and bind it correctly. I was worried about nothing, the accuracy of the cutting from the cut-out holes to the edges was spot on and the binding of a much better quality than the old carpet it replaced.  I was very pleasantly surprised at the cost of the binding, it was a lot lower than I had anticipated, so that freed upon a bit of cash to go for the best quality carpet I could afford. Thanks Fringes, there’s another couple of rooms to do yet, so I will be in touch next time I am in Plymouth.”

Custom made boat carpets for “Azzurra”


Comparison of the replacement boat carpets     Custom made boat carpets to fit the exact area     Michael Fesler's carpet choice



Extended Opening Times

Fringes opening times have been extended, but why?

Well, do you find that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done? Are you one of those people that work 9am to 5pm and rarely get a day off? Need to bring that piece of carpet in to be edged but can’t find the time? Well don’t worry, Fringes of Plymouth have the solution!

Fringes of Plymouth are now open Mondays and Thursdays from 9am – 7pm. Giving you plenty of time to bring in that piece of carpet after you finish work. You can even use the time to browse through our massive selection of rugs.


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