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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Custom Car Mats – Vauxhall Corsa

This week we made a set of custom car mats to fit a Vauxhall Corsa. A very unique Vauxhall Corsa. Brad – the owner – has spent a lot of time and money to create a car that reflects his personality. An outgoing guy that has a passion for the creative. Having grown tiresome of the original mats that had become worn and horrible, it was time for a refresh.

Brad had heard through a friend that we make custom car mats in our workshop. We discussed with Brad about what would suit his requirements best. The more vibrant, colourful and unique, the better. We had just the thing! For someone who is a car fanatic, we concluded that the best carpet for Brad would be road map carpet. As ideas go, this was certainly a first for us, and we hope it won’t be the last.

He brought his original mats into us and we set about using them as a template. Because of the pattern of the road map, the custom made car mats had to fit the pattern in the best possible way to make the most of the design. So with this in mind we carefully located the original mats onto the carpet and cut them to the exact size.

A simple, subtle binding was never on the cards with Brad’s custom car mats. He gave us free reign to choose whatever colour we liked – for each mat. For once we could let our hair down and really go nuts on the binding colour. After all, it’s not every day that we get to switch up the colours when we’re doing the binding.

And the outcome? Take a look at the pictures below.

Custom Car Mats in Brad’s Vauxhall Corsa

Custom Car Mats to fit Vauxhall CorsaVauxhall Corsa Boot Mat Replacement Car Mats for Vauxhall Corsa Vauxhall Corsa Car Mats New Car Mats for Vauxhall Corsa







These custom car mats really are as custom as it gets. Don’t let yourself become a victim of the norm, stand out like Brad! Contact us to find out more.


Replacement Delfin Motorhome Carpets

Kitchen - After

This week we had a beautiful Delfin Performance T821 in for some replacement motorhome carpets. The customer had been in previously to enquire about changing the carpets and was surprised just how easy the process really is. After some deliberation, he had finally chosen the perfect replacement motorhome carpets, a quality carpet called “Rustique” was chosen. All that was left to do was book it in to get them made to size.

Burstner Delfin Motorhome Replacement CarpetsA week later and into our car park comes a glorious looking machine! Our experienced carpet fitter did an excellent job of cutting the replacement motorhome carpets to the exact shape. In the cabin, cutting around the seats, the handbrake and other little intracacies. Whilst in the back there was a fitted table and eating area to manouver around. But our fitter made this look like a doddle.

Once it was all cut to size, our machinist, Josie, then set about whipping the edges. With complicated shapes it can take a while to get them through the machine. With a few cuss words and a lot of expert jiggery, Josie managed to get all of the edges whipped in a colour that suited the carpets perfectly. Any offcuts of the replacement motorhome carpets were then squared up and used as loose laid mats. Though it may have taken a little while to do, the outcome was definitely worth the wait.

Below are a few pictures that the customer allowed us to take of the replacement motorhome carpets all in and looking like perfection.

Kitchen – Before & After replacement motorhome carpets

Kitchen - Before Replacement Motorhome Carpets Kitchen - After











Intricate areas aren’t an issue

Entrance Handbrake and cabin











All in and looking very good!

Room Shot Close Up











Another customer happy with their new motorhome carpets!

Would you like to book yourself in for some replacement motorhome carpets? Get in touch. We look forward to the challenge!

Goodbye, Afghan Belouch

Afghan Belouch

Sometimes we come across an oriental rug that we just can’t say no to. This was the case with this Afghan Belouch that quickly sold from our showroom. At Quality Oriental Rugs, we love oriental rugs and all that they stand for. The fact that the way they’re made makes each one unique. But this one is unique for a completely different reason.

Afghan BelouchAs you can see from the design, this truly is a one off design that you’re probably unlikely to see ever again. As much as we’re happy that the customer found such a beautiful rug at such a bargain price, it’s one that we’re certainly sad to see go! This rug has always sought attention from all of the customers that have seen it. Unfortunately, this rug isn’t for everyone’s decor, but they could see the beauty behind the rug.

Below are a few details about the rug and what makes it so unique.

Afghan Belouch

  • Hand-knotted in Afghanistan
  • 100% Wool
  • Free of illegal child labour
  • Depicts invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union
  • 0.8m wide x 1.4m long
  • RRP ¬£159.00

This¬† Afghan Belouch will almost definitely be the starting point of conversation in it’s new home. Displayed proudly by it’s new owner. The level of detail in this rug is something to marvel at. You can clearly see the helicopters in the sky, the houses below, the water and the cars. An Afghan Belouch to be proud of. We’re sure the person that made this rug was very proud to have produced such a wonderful piece. The impeccable detail of this Afghan Belouch will never go unnoticed as focal point in a room.

Who knows what we will see next! We wish the customer all the best with their new rug and hope to see them again soon.

Replacement Boat Carpets

Replacement Boat Carpets

Summer is almost here and you’re going to get your boat out onto the water. But you can’t stand those unsightly carpets that have been down for years and have seen better days. Let Fringes of Plymouth be your saviour with some replacement boat carpets.

Custom made replacement boat carpets.

Replacement Boat CarpetsWe can custom make replacement boat carpets in our Plymouth based workshop. Even if you want to completely change the colour or style of carpet altogether. Simply choose from our huge selection of carpets to find something you like. If you’re looking for rubber backed replacement boat carpets or luxuriously piled replacement boat carpets. We have something for absolutely everyone.

Everything about your choice is completely up to you – even down to the colour of the edging. If you’ve chosen a blue carpet and you want yellow edging, that’s no problem at all.

To preserve the life of your replacement boat carpets, we can also apply a stain prevention chemical to the pile. This will help to keep your carpets looking in tip top condition should there be any spillages whilst you’re on the water.

Over the years we have produced bespoke boat carpet sets for a variety of sized boats. From smaller boats in the local harbour to luxury yachts in Spain. Our experience has gained us a reputation for high quality replacement boat carpets at very affordable prices.

So don’t let those unsightly boat carpets put you off getting out on the water. We can get them turned around in a very short time period so you won’t lose any valuable time taking in the beautiful weather whilst it’s here. After all, it never is here for very long.

If you’d like more information on this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also make replacement motorhome carpet sets and caravan carpet sets in our Plymouth based workshop.


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