After the revamp

For years, Fringes of Plymouth has always had the same look. Workshop tucked in at the back, whilst the showroom was laid out as best as possible with the space available. Though not the best looking showroom in the world, it was at least practical. After spending a few hours clearing out some old stock, Tony decided that actually, the showroom could be given a more practical layout that would also look better than ever.

The start…

Showroom before revamAs you can see from the picture on the right, it was all a little cramped. There was enough room to walk around and look at the rugs, but it just wasn’t enough space. You couldn’t roll a big rug out and take in the size of the rug, or the designs, there simply wasn’t the space.

Then there was the walkway into the Oriental section of the showroom. If you look right down the middle of the image on the right, you can see that there was around a metre of space to walk through.

All in all, though it was practical enough for the purpose, it just wasn’t quite good enough. So, what did we do? We set about taking it all apart.

The seemingly endless task…

When we first started, we estimated around a week for everything to be back to a state whereby we could serve customers, show them rugs and be back in full swing. How wrong we were! First of all, we had to move the workshop bench into it’s new home. This meant taking down the rugs and stands in the oriental section and disassembling most of the workshop. With the bench moved, the shelves and the yarns were relocated along with the binding collection rack.

The finish line!

Now here we are, all finished and able to bask in the glory of our achievement. We’d taken Fringes of Plymouth to a whole new level. From a previously dark and cramped showroom to a gloriously light and spacious open plan showroom with a view of the workshop. As you can see from the picture, it looks much much better.

After the revamp