Oriental silk rug

A few months ago Fringes of Plymouth were contacted by Channel 4 to do a valuation on a rug that was found whilst filming an episode of Hoarders SOS. We were told to keep this under wraps until the episode was released. We’ve just been itching to tell everyone!

So what is Hoarders SOS?

Oriental silk rug“In this brand new series, experts Curtis Dowling, Joanna Riley and Marianne Cammack help two households drowning in clutter to clear out and make some money” (quote from Channel 4 website)

Fringes of Plymouth appear in Episode 12 upon the discovery of a unique rug that they knew absolutely nothing about. But that’s where our expertise come into play. Curtis Dowling brought the rug into our showroom where Andy Reeves, our resident oriental rug specialist gaveĀ  some insight into what it was that made this rug so unique.

A beautiful hand made oriental silk rug that we just couldn’t resist but to make an offer on. The rug can now be found in our showroom, almost as a reminder “of that time we were on TV”.

Would you like to catch up on the episode? Find the link below.