Jacaranda Simla

Have you ever heard of Jacaranda rugs?

No? Well, let me enlighten you a little. We all know about Rolls Royce – they’re the cream of the crop. The gold standard in luxury. Jacaranda rugs are to the rug industry as Rolls Royce are to cars. They’re the forefront in luxurious rugs. You can’t think about designer rugs without thinking of the name “Jacaranda”.Jacaranda rugs available to order

So why are Jacaranda rugs so great?

Because they’re only made from the very best of materials. From the moment they’re produced they’re only produced with quality in mind. You run your hand over a Jacaranda Simla rug, you’re in heaven. You step on a Heavy Velvet rug, your toes are consumed by the density and the softness of the Wool. Not only can you feel the quality of the Jacaranda rugs when you touch them and step on them – you can really feel it when you try and lift them too!

Here at Fringes of Plymouth we stock a wide range of Jacaranda products. When we buy our Jacaranda stock, we buy in bulk. This helps us to achieve a price that is very competitive. We can custom make all Jacaranda products to make a Jacaranda rug that is completely your own.

Some examples of the Jacaranda rugs that we have made to order can be seen at the bottom of this post (click on the image to view the larger size). These have been made to the exact measurements that our customers have requested. Once cut to size, we set about making it into a rug in our workshop. Our workshop and machine is one of very few that can handle the thickness and strength of Jacaranda.

If there are any particular Jacaranda rugs that you’re looking for and we don’t have them available (highly unlikely!) then we have the Jacaranda display stand that can be ordered from.