Samba design from the Spectrum rugs range

Samba design from the Spectrum rugs rangeIf it’s colourful modern rugs that you’re looking for then you needn’t look any further. The Spectrum rugs have colour in abundance. There’s nothing subtle about the Spectrum rugs. It’s either go bright or go home! Each of the designs has a little something different to offer your home.

Each of the Spectrum rugs has been made using a super soft Polypropylene. Not only does this material ensure a soft underfoot feeling, it also makes the Spectrum rugs extremely hard wearing. You can use a Spectrum rug in any room of your house and marvel at the beauty for years to come.

Available in store, the Spectrum rugs are competitively priced. With prices starting as low as £40, you really can get value for money with these rugs.

Spectrum rugs come in a variety of designs.


The Waltz design has a very basic squared pattern which is accentuated with a symphony of colour. The hand carved squares are only half of the design with the colours making up the other half.


Multicolour uniformed reoccuring shapes sit on a white background. The white coloured background, combined with the hand carved textures really come together to bring out the beauty of the Limbo Spectrum rug.


A neat and uniformed pattern, the Samba uses multicoloured triangle shapes to grab your attention. But it’s the detail of the Samba rug that you should notice, the hand carving of the triangles helps to make them stand out.


Varying between zig zags of white and zig zags of colour, the Bolero Spectrum rug is an eye catching addition to any room.


Sometimes you can’t beat the basics! Simple horizontal stripes adorn the pile of the Tango Spectrum rug. Each stripe a different colour. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with something this simple, yet this stunning.


An optical illusion and a dazzling one at that. This rug will make you feel like your rug is melting into the foor. The multicoloured rhomboids will only make you believe it more!


The Mambo is a geometric rainbow. Perfectly placed colours make this rug a sight to behold. You’ll always have a talking point with this rug in your home.


The design of the Jive Spectrum rug is reminiscent of the scales on a fish, except way more colourful!