Asiatic rugs are always something to be marvelled at. Whilst we do hold quite the selection of Asiatic rugs in stock, there is just no way we have room enough for the entire ensemble. This is why we keep a selection of books from our suppliers in store for our customers to browse. The last time Asiatic released a new book was in 2016, so as you can imagine we have been eager to get a glimpse at the new catalogue. After waiting for what feels like forever, here is what we think of it.

Asiatic rugs catalogue

– Asiatic rugs catalogue quality

At first glance you can see that the catalogue is made from high quality paper. The pages are glossy and thick. Perfect then, for printing pictures of Asiatic rugs and being able to see the rugs in all their glory.

– Are the Asiatic rugs organised?

From previous catalogues released by Asiatic, they have always been quite well organised. This new book of Asiatic rugs seems to have raised the bar. Unlike a lot of suppliers, Asiatic have broken up their rug ranges into seven different sections, each section colour coded. Each colour coded section is then organised in alphabetical order. This book of Asiatic rugs even has a pictographic rug index – how posh!

– Good selection of rugs?

The first thing you notice about this catalogue is the sheer size of it. The book of Asiatic rugs is thicker than most of the other books in our showroom. But then those other books don’t carry quite this many rugs – there are 780 different rugs to choose from, over a selection of 103 ranges. So, yes, there is definitely a good selection of rugs in this book!

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