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Plymouth Rugs on Sale

Fringes of Plymouth are offering our customers the chance to receive 10% off all rugs in store until 17:00 30th September 2019. All that you have to do in order to benefit from this sale is like our Facebook page and show us the post mentioning the sale.

Our rug sale includes all of the rugs that you can see in store. This includes a further 10% off on our rugs in the Clearance section too. That’s up to 35% off on some of our rugs too.

This 10% off does not apply to rugs that have to be ordered in.

Be quick – this offer ends soon. Can you afford to miss out?

Extended Opening Times

Fringes opening times have been extended, but why?

Well, do you find that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done? Are you one of those people that work 9am to 5pm and rarely get a day off? Need to bring that piece of carpet in to be edged but can’t find the time? Well don’t worry, Fringes of Plymouth have the solution!

Fringes of Plymouth are now open Mondays and Thursdays from 9am – 7pm. Giving you plenty of time to bring in that piece of carpet after you finish work. You can even use the time to browse through our massive selection of rugs.


New look Fringes of Plymouth


As many of you may have noticed recently, our building has been undergoing some maintenance work. We have had calls from a lot of our customers worrying that we’re closing down. This is simply not the case.

The exterior of the building was looking dated and the paint was becoming tatty and, quite frankly, an eyesore. So the only way forward was to give the whole exterior a facelift. (Before and after pictures at the bottom)

What have we had done then?

We had the whole of the building jet washed to remove old and bedded in dirt. This straight away made us realise just how much dirt over time can make the magnolia paint look old and tired. It was then onto the cladding. All of the red cladding had to be removed to make way for the new.

But first, a lick of paint. A nice modern grey was the chosen colour. You could watch the building become more modernised with every stroke of the brush. The painting was a slow process to make sure that every nook and cranny had been covered.

Now that the paint had been finished and left to harden for a couple of days, it was time to replace the old red cladding with new blue cladding. This process really transformed the building. The blue and grey combination works well to bring the exterior of the building up to date.

Once the cladding had been completed it was time to put up the signs. The blue writing matches perfect with the blue cladding, whilst the white background makes the blue writing stand out. The perfect contrast.

We couldn’t stop at just the signs on the cladding though. Each member of staff was given a sheet of paper to design their own window signs. The best ideas from each design were put together and sent to print. Within a few hours the windows were sign written.

A much more professional look for a professional business. What do you think?

Before and after














Replacement Delfin Motorhome Carpets

Kitchen - After

This week we had a beautiful Delfin Performance T821 in for some replacement motorhome carpets. The customer had been in previously to enquire about changing the carpets and was surprised just how easy the process really is. After some deliberation, he had finally chosen the perfect replacement motorhome carpets, a quality carpet called “Rustique” was chosen. All that was left to do was book it in to get them made to size.

Burstner Delfin Motorhome Replacement CarpetsA week later and into our car park comes a glorious looking machine! Our experienced carpet fitter did an excellent job of cutting the replacement motorhome carpets to the exact shape. In the cabin, cutting around the seats, the handbrake and other little intracacies. Whilst in the back there was a fitted table and eating area to manouver around. But our fitter made this look like a doddle.

Once it was all cut to size, our machinist, Josie, then set about whipping the edges. With complicated shapes it can take a while to get them through the machine. With a few cuss words and a lot of expert jiggery, Josie managed to get all of the edges whipped in a colour that suited the carpets perfectly. Any offcuts of the replacement motorhome carpets were then squared up and used as loose laid mats. Though it may have taken a little while to do, the outcome was definitely worth the wait.

Below are a few pictures that the customer allowed us to take of the replacement motorhome carpets all in and looking like perfection.

Kitchen – Before & After replacement motorhome carpets

Kitchen - Before Replacement Motorhome Carpets Kitchen - After











Intricate areas aren’t an issue

Entrance Handbrake and cabin











All in and looking very good!

Room Shot Close Up











Another customer happy with their new motorhome carpets!

Would you like to book yourself in for some replacement motorhome carpets? Get in touch. We look forward to the challenge!

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