The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here, (albeit, this post is a little late! We’ve been SUPER busy.) Fringes of Plymouth have been allowed to reopen. Boy, are we glad, too! It’s not just our customers that have suffered over the closure, our staff have been itching to get back to work, too.

So now that we’re open again, what are we doing to ensure we stay open? Here are a few answers as to how Fringes of Plymouth are planning to battle COVID-19 in our shop.

  • One way system. The first thing you will notice when you walk into our showroom is the one way system that has been taped out onto the floor. This is to avoid our customers coming into close proximity of each other. We recommend that our customers stick to the one way system – this is for your safety.
  • Hand sanitiser stations. Upon entry to the shop we have placed a table with hand sanitisers for your peace of mind. These stations enable our customers and our staff to keep their hands clean at all times.
  • Signs. The signs that you will see on the floor and walls are there to serve as a reminder. It’s easy to forget yourself and stand too close to someone, these signs ensure that we make it as difficult as possible for you to forget.
  • Gloves. Upon entry to our showroom we have provided a box of gloves. These gloves are specifically for those looking to handle the rugs. You can flick through the stands of rugs until your heart’s content with the knowledge of being safe.
  • Perspex screens. Our perspex screens are there to keep you safe as well as our staff. Please don’t lean around the screens upon payment. We ensure all card terminals are cleaned between customers with antibacterial wipes.
  • Risk assessments. We have carried out the mandatory risk assessment to ensure that our business conforms to all government guidelines for the safety of our customers.