An oriental rug in a modern room can be just as eye catching as any other style of rug – if not more! Have you ever considered placing an oriental rug as a focal point in your living room? It might just be worth thinking about. The vivid colours and unique designs accentuate each other to make the perfect finishing touch to your room.

Oriental rug in a modern room – two perfect examples.

Oriental rug in a modern room - Persian SaroukTake for example, the Persian Sarouk. It has a cream coloured background in the centre that is strewn with a colourful floral pattern. The border uses a mix of red, blue and cream with a simple floral design. This combination of colours and patterns lends itself to the room. If you removed the oriental rug from the room, what would you replace it with? It would probably be something modern. This couple went with their instincts with the Persian Sarouk and it certainly paid off. This is the perfect example of what an oriental rug in a modern room can achieve.


Oriental rug in a modern room - Persian GabbehThe next example for you to see is the Persian Gabbeh. Both the striking orange colouring and the oriental geometric style pattern work well in this room. The colour makes the rug feel like it’s jumping up from the floor.

So there you have it. Two perfect examples of an oriental rug in a modern room. So, what do you think, fancy having a try for yourself? We have a wide selection of oriental rugs for you to choose from. Each of which, you can take home and try in your room before you buy! This service really helps when it comes to choosing an oriental rug in a modern room. You get to have a feel for how the pattern and the colours work in your room without the initial outlay. If you then feel that you like the rug, you can always call and pay over the phone. If not, bring it back. It really is that simple.