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Carpet Bordering

What is bordered carpet?

Carpet bordering is the process in which a border (typically cotton or leather) is stitched around the edge of a carpet. Thus, finishing the carpet off in a tidy and clean manner.

Over the years carpet bordering has become very popular. When it was first released, carpet bordering didn't really take off too much. It's only recently that we've seen a higher demand for carpet bordering. Why? It's all down to the way fashions change.

Some of the most popular uses of carpet bordering is on striped carpets and natural carpets such as sisal, seagrass and wool.

It's not uncommon for people to come into our store looking for a carpet bordering service. A service that we're happy to help you with.

Unfortunately, unlike our carpet binding service, the carpet bordering is not a service that we can do in our workshop. It has to be sent away to be done for you. This can take around 7-10 days from start to finish. Once you see the finish, you will realise it was definitely worth the wait.

We don't only cater for carpet bordering Plymouth, we can facilitate carpet bordering for the whole Southwest.

For a quote on our carpet bordering service, please contact us.

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