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What are your opening times?

Monday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm

Sunday, 10am - 4pm

I've seen a rug I like, does it come in a circle, square or runner?

This greatly depends on the rug in question. Most of our rugs can be made into different shapes in our workshop. To find out if a rug you like is available in other shapes please speak to a member of staff.

Do you have samples of your rugs?

Some of our rugs do have samples available. Some however, do not. We may have a sample that uses the same colours or is the same quality and texture.

How does your stain protection work?

Once your rug has been inspected we provide a free stain protection. We spray on a water based chemical that coats the fibres in a waxy residue. This residue is invisible to the eye and touch and works by making a spillage sit on top of the fibres giving you plenty of time to clean up any spillages.

I've stained my rug! Help! How do I clean it up?

We urge you NOT to use any over the counter cleaners. These will only cause problems in the future if you ever get the rug professionally cleaned. Instead blot with luke-warm water and a white cloth. For more detailed information view our guide to Rug Care - Cleaning and Maintenance.

My rug keeps moving, what can I do?

There are thousands of products on the market to "stop rugs sliding", but how many of them really work? We've used many different products in our showroom in search of the right one. It's taken us a few years, but we believe we have the right one! We are that confident in this anti slip that we even offer a money back guarantee*.

*Anti Slip must be used as per instructions to qualify for your money back.

I don't have transport, can you deliver?

In short - yes. We can arrange to have your rug delivered locally by one of our staff members. If required, we can also arrange a courier for delivery if you're not local.

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