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Modern Rugs

Massive selection of modern rugs in stock!

Here at Fringes of Plymouth, we specialise in rugs. Our showroom has stock of over 1500 rugs, including modern rugs. A modern rug can make the difference between a house and a home. Our selection of modern rugs in Plymouth will leave you in awe. Not only do we have the most modern rugs in Plymouth. We have the most modern rugs in the South West.

Modern rugs come in many different patterns. Below are listed the four most popular modern rugs in Plymouth (in no particular order).

This image shows one of our modern styled rugs finishing off a room.Contemporary twists on traditional floral patterns

Always a firm favourite, we have a huge selection of floral modern rugs in Plymouth. From ultra modern patterns to traditional floral patterns with a modern twist. Our range of floral modern rugs will captivate your love for the beauty of natural patterns.

Geometric designs with eye catching colours

How do we define geometric modern rugs? Well any modern rug that has a pattern with shapes that you may find in a math book. Triangles, squares and even hexagons. Geometric modern rugs are the type to never go out of fashion.

Plain and simple for a subtle touch

Almost seems a little contradictive. Plain modern rugs can vary in pattern. From completely plain in design with simple colouring, or with a flecked pile and a border. Our selection of plain modern rugs is always expanding.

Ever popular striped patterns

It's safe to say, striped modern rugs will never go out of fashion. In fact, striped modern rugs are only getting more and more popular. We have seen a huge increase of people looking for striped modern rugs Plymouth. With our huge selection, most of them have also left with what they were looking for.

Why not pop in and see us? We may just have the perfect modern rug for you. With such a vast selection, you'd be hard pressed to not find what you're looking for. If you can't find it in our showroom, we have a variety of catalogs that contain modern rugs for you to look through.

If you're on a budget then that's not a problem either. Because of our buying power, we can buy modern rugs Plymouth in bulk. Thus driving the price down. Not only is it our buying power that drives down the prices, but we regularly have up to 50% off sales on most of the rugs in our showroom. There truly is something for everyone's budget and taste.

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