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Motorhome Carpet Sets

Going away in your motorhome? Carpets looking worn and shabby? Then pop in and see us! We can rejuvanate your motorhome with a set of replacement motorhome carpets and mats.

1. Bring in your templates.

Simply bring your templates (or motorhome) in so that a member of staff can help you out. Don't worry if you're not local to Plymouth. You can arrange to have your original motorhome carpets sent to our premises. Please contact us before sending in your templates.

2. Choose your replacement.

Browse through our huge selection of carpets. We have over 500 remnants in stock that you can choose from. Don't for a moment think that you need to replace your original carpets with the same. The world is yours, go mad! You can even change the colour that the carpets are bound in too.

3. Go home and put your feet up.

This is where you let us work our magic. Leave your templates with us for a couple of days and we'll have created you a new set from your chosen replacement. It really is that simple for you. Below is an example of a set that came in recently. As you can see, the original set had seen better days. Now, they have a brand new set of wool motorhome carpets that are much better quality than the original set.

Before and After image of Replacement Motorhome Carpets made by Fringes of Plymouth


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