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Natural Rugs

Find out more about our naturally inspired floor coverings

There are lots of natural rugs out there for you to choose from. Narrowing it down can seem like an impossible endeavour. That's why our staff are always on hand to make it easier for you.

In our showroom we have a huge selection of natural fibre flooring ready to be made into the perfect natural rug for you. Whether it's a hand made wool rug or a large sisal rug. We have it all!

Below is a few of the rugs in our natural flooring selection.

Wool offers a soft warm texture

Everyone knows that you can't beat a nice wool rug. But you'd be surprised how many products can come close, but they're never going to be the real thing! Our natural wool rugs are hand made to give you the very best in quality. Every time you step on the pile of our natural wool rugs you'll never want to get off again.

Sisal - for the beauty of nature

Natural sisal rugs are perfect for anyone looking to bring some rustic beauty into their home. A very durable and capable material, you can expect a natural sisal rug to last for years to come. Available in a selection of natural hues, you can't deny the beauty of sisal.

Seagrass rugs for those autumnal colours

Similar to sisal, natural seagrass rugs are highly durable. Though, not available in as wide a variety of colours as sisal, seagrass has a slightly softer texture than that of sisal. Seagrass rugs work beautifully in light areas such as conservatories and porches.

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