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Quality Oriental Rugs

Oriental rug in situQuality Oriental Rugs of Plymouth, based within Fringes is the South West's premier supplier of oriental rugs. Marvel at our beautiful hand knotted oriental rugs from all around the world; Iran (Persian), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & China.

Each oriental rug has it's own story to tell within it's unique history, country and region of origin.

With over 30 years of experience in the hand knotted oriental rug market, Quality Oriental Rugs can help you find the perfect floor art piece for your room. Be it a Persian Nain, Afghan Kazak, Pakistan Bokhara, Indian Mahi, Chinese Superwash or Fine Persian Silk; we are here to help. With over 150 oriental rugs in stock and access to many more, we can help you complete and compliment your room with a beautiful, individual and unique oriental rug.

We also operate a Try Before You Buy service as well as our Large Order Demonstrations service to assist you in finding the perfect rug. Customer service is paramount to us at Quality Oriental Rugs and we are sure we can provide a pleasant oriental rug shopping experience for you. Organised trips to London can be arranged for customers with larger orders. This helps us to show you thousands of extra oriental rugs and carpets. Please contact us for more information.


Our Persian rugs collection comes to you from such famous cities as Nain, Kashan, Karman and Shiraz. All world famous and renowned centres of Persian rug production for centuries. With such a wide variety of designs and colours available, you can marvel at their beauty. Be it the distinct ivory and blue Persian Nain with it's beautiful silk accents or the Fine Persian Kashan in bold red with beautiful accent colour. Perhaps an oversized Persian Hamadan runners; we have the perfect rug for you.

Oriental rug


Be it the Afghan Zieglers based on the 19th Century designs or the Aghan Kazaks with their

Caucasian designs and vibrant colours, we can find the perfect Afghan rug for you. Aqchas to Belouchs in various colous and sizes to name but a few of the Afghan rug range available at Quality Oriental Rugs. The use of traditional weaving methods and vegetable dyes come together to produce these beautiful rugs.



Rug weaving arrived in India in the 16th Century and was introduced by the Persian empire. Almost all Indian oriental rugs are imitations of famous Persian designs. The Persian government in place during the Safavid Dynasty sent master weavers from Persia to India, to oversee the training of the Indian weavers. Today they produce some beautiful oriental rugs such as the Fine Mahi-Tabriz with it's beautiful intricate weave, finished with luxurious silk inlays. Or the Fine Indo-Heriz with it's geometric design and bold pattern; a beautiful addition to any room. These are just two examples of our stunning range of Indian oriental rugs available at Quality Oriental Rugs of Plymouth.


Oriental rugLike it's neighbour India, rug weaving in Pakistan can track it's origins back to the Persian government of the 16th Century. Although they share the same beginning, Pakistan rugs are distinct in their own right today. With few colours used and a preference for using designs from Afghanistan and Caucasus Bokhara. The beautiful Pakistan Bokhara is a jewel in the oriental rug crown. With fine wool used to give an appearance close to silk and available in a wide range of colours and sizes, the Bokhara can enhance any room. The more rustic looking Pakistan Karagayee with it's bold geometric design can really make a statement in any room. Pakistan is the fourth largest oriental rug producer in the world and one of their many oriental rugs could be just the piece to complete your room.


China is now the biggest exporter of oriental rugs in the world. Silk rugs have been made in china for over 4000 years. But wool oriental rugs from China date back to the 13th Century. Wool as a crafting material was looked down upon by the easy availability of silk to their master weavers. Today however, China produces some beautiful wool oriental rugs to go with the beautiful silk rugs. The Chinese Superwash with it's luxurious deep wool pile and hand carved designs is a compliment to any space. The Chinese Savonnerie rugs based on the original 16th Century French designs infuse delicate colours, floral pattern with intricate finish to produce a beautiful Chinese oriental rug which will enhance any room.


Persian and oriental silk rugs are generally the finest oriental rugs made. Fine, yet strong, the silk fibre allows the weaver to really show their skills and produce beautiful silk oriental/Persian rugs. Generally 300-600 knots per square inch, compared with the wool average of 100-300 knots per square inch. The intricate nature of the design really comes to life in these fine silk rugs. Come and marvel at our beautiful silk oriental and Persian rugs at Quality Oriental Rugs of Plymouth; the perfect addition to anyone's oriental rug collection. We also stock many oriental/Persian rugs with beautiful silk accents. Such as the Fine Persian Nain or the Mahi-Tabriz Indian oriental rugs or Persian Tabriz. We have the perfect silk or silk accented Persian/oriental rug for you.

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