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Rug Antislip

There are so many variations of rug antislip on the market, it's easy to get caught up in the sales gimmicks. Rest assured, there are no gimmicks here. We have a rug in our showroow with the rug antislip underneath as a demonstrator to our customers.

Rug AntislipOver the years we have used a wide range of rug antislip products. None of them really work all that well and we could never really guarantee them to stop rugs from slipping. However, we have found one that works, and it works well. We even offer a money back guarantee we're that confident.

How to use our rug antislip

It's very simple to use too. On hard floors, simply peel off the protective layer, place it on the floor, place the rug on top. It's no harder for carpeted floors either. Instead of the black side up, it's grey side up. Couldn't be simpler.

How is it sold?

Our rug antislip is sold from the roll. We have three different sizes in stock. 2ft wide, 3ft wide and 4ft wide. These sizes are the optimum sizes for most rugs. We simply cut what you need off the roll. Should you need 5ft wide, we cut off some 2ft and some 3ft and you simply lay them next to each other. We will always do our best to work out the rug antislip in the most economical way so that you get the most of what you pay for.

How long does it last?

So far, we have had the rug antislip under the rug in our showroom for around three years. The life of the rug antislip is only directly affected by how often you take the rug up to clean under the antislip or move the rug. The more you move it, eventually it will come to the end of it's life.

Can it be used in other circumstances?

We have had customers come into our showroom and buy our rug antislip for alternative uses. Many use it to keep the sofa cushions in place. Others have used it to keep their car mats in place. Basically if it slips, this is the stuff to stop it!


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