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Rug Care Guide

Like other textiles, exposing rugs to rapid changes in temperature and humidity is not good. Open fires and treasured floor coverings don't mix. Direct sunlight may result in fading, so if your rug or carpet is in a sunny area, close the curtains at times of bright sunlight. Narrow diameter shoe heels (smaller than a two pence coin), no matter how high or low, and cause a great deal of damage both to floors and carpets.

Don't use nails or staples to secure rugs or carpets either.

Pets can inadvertently do a great deal of damage. Claws cause damage to the pile and urine stains are difficult to remove (as well as attracting insects). Check during the spring and summer for signs of insect infestation. If a piece have signs of clothes' moths or carpet beetles, isolate it from other textiles and contact a rug specialist immediately.

When hoovering your rug, don't scrub but use a gentle action and work only in the direction of the pile. Using high powered vacuum cleaners without the nozzle can damage your rug.

If there is a spill, put some layers of white paper towel or clean towels above and below the stain and try to absorb as much liquid as you can. Change the paper or cloths frequently until no more liquid is coming out. Leave some clean layers above and below in case more comes out as it is drying. Some rugs have had unethical treatments such as covering areas of lost pile with paint or felt-tip pins and these may run when in contact with liquids. If you see dye coming out contacts a rug specialist immediately.

Don't use foam cleaners or other chemical cleaners. These are only suitable for your modern wall-to-wall. Don't use remedies like salt, as this can cause more damage. Further cleaning or repairs should be left to a rug specialist.

Some basic rug care tips

*Rotate your rugs frequently to equalize effects of the sun.

*Avoid continual direct exposure to sunlight.

*Clean spills immediately to help prevent staining.

*Vacuum regularly to remove loose soil.

*For professional deep-cleaning, be sure to use a rug cleaning specialist.

*Always follow manufacturer's recommended cleaning methods.

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