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Rug Construction

The cost of a rug greatly depends on the way that they are made. There are three main ways of making rugs, they can be hand knotted, hand tufted or machine made. Wool rugs are the most popular of the hand knotted rugs and hand tufted rugs, whereas machine made rugs that are made using man made fibres can be made very close to the quality of rugs that are made from natural fibres. To learn more about these methods of construction just scroll down the page.

The hand knotting method is the main method for making wool rugs.

Hand knotted rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs that are available on the market. Here at Fringes Rugs we have a bit of a soft spot for a hand knotted rug.  he best way to tell the quality of a hand knotted rug is to look at the knots on the back; the higher the amount of knots that there is per square foot, the better the quality. The size of the knot is also a critical factor, if the knots are smaller then the weavers can fit a lot more knots into a smaller area to create a denser pile. Most hand knotted rugs are made from wool, there are hand knotted pieces that are also made from silk.  These rugs are so soft to the touch and are such a high quality that you fall in love with them instantly. Due to the natural processes that take place during construction, no two colours are exactly the same making each hand knotted piece unique. There are very high quality hand knotted wool rugs that you can choose from, such as the 'Kodari' range which uses traditional methods of construction coupled with modern designs.

Machine made rugs can be made to a very high quality.

The fastest way of making a rug is to make them on a machine, these machines cost millions of pounds and create rugs at a rate that is mind boggling. Modern rug making technology is becoming further and further advanced.  So advanced that they are able to create rugs that have been made so finely and so tightly that the 'points' are barely visible. 'Points' are what determine the quality of a machine made rug, this; in one respect is similar to the way you measure the quality of a hand knotted rug. The more points per square metre the better the quality of the rug. There are lots of high quality machine made rugs including machine made wool rugs, and machine made polypropylene rugs. An example of a high quality machine made wool rug is the 'Cosmopolitan' range.

Hand tufted rugs are the most popular rugs.

Hand tufted rugs can be made from either natural fibres of man made fibres. Out of all of the ways of hand making a rug hand tufting is the fastest way by a considerable amount. This also makes hand tufted rugs also considerably cheaper than hand knotted rugs. There are ranges that are made from man made acrylic that have been hand tufted and are very close to the same quality as a wool rug that has been hand tufted. Hand tufted wool rugs are very dense with a thick pile, our best selling range of wool rugs is the 'Matrix' range that also has hand carved designs. There are many advantages to a hand tufted acrylic rug as opposed to hand tufted wool rugs. The acrylic fibre is better for people who are allergic to wool or have bad asthma.

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