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Rug Stain Protection

The stain treatment chemical that we apply to your rug helps to fight against stains that could occur from spillages. The chemical that is used is very highly advanced to ensure the best protection for your carpets and rugs. It works by clinging to each individual fibre of the rug, whether it's a wool pile or an acrylic pile. This creates an invisible, durable shield that offers brilliant resistance to water and oil based spills. It also has a wide range of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, each of which helps to fight against stains from spillages and other accidents.

The protection given from this superb rug stain prevention chemical means that stains caused by drink spills, food and other common accident are easily removed by using simple methods.

All of our rugs are inspected prior to dispatch; this includes full preparation including unwrapping, steaming, checking for faults and the application of stain protection chemical, where requested. With the stain protection chemical we spray an even coat across the entire pile which helps to maximise the protection that it will recieve. The chemical takes up to 12 hours to dry depending on the temperature of the room.

See below for prices on our rug stain protection. These sizes are for standard sized rugs. We are more than happy to provide a quote on rugs or carpets that aren't listed below.

0.9x1.5m (3'x5') - £6.75

1.2x1.8m (4'x6') - £10.80

1.6x2.3m (5'3"x7'6") - £18.40

2x2.9m (6'6"x9'6") - £29.00

2.4x3.4m (7'10"x11'2") - £40.80

3x4m (9'10"x13'1") - £60

If you would like more information about the stain protection chemical, how it works and how we apply it then please don't hesitate to contact us.


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